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Logic Pro: Introducing Sampler

Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques By Stephen Bennett
Published November 2020

The new mapping window.The new mapping window.

With the introduction of Logic Pro X 10.5,?EXS24 has been ‘replaced’ by a?plug?in instrument called Sampler.

My first sampler was an Ensoniq Mirage, on which editing was performed using a?two?digit LED display and the parameter values were in hexadecimal. When Emagic’s EXS24 software sampler became available at the turn of the millennium?—?and at an extra cost of £249?—?it was a?game?changer for Logic users. Fast, easy on the CPU, and with a?simple?to?use interface (well, compared to the Mirage!), Emagic soon upgraded the sampler to version 2. But time has passed, and the ease of use and sonic and programming potential of other sampling software, notably Native Instruments’ Kontakt, left Logic users crying out for an EXS upgrade. And with the introduction of Logic Pro 10.5, we finally got one.

EXS24 has been ‘replaced’ by a?plug?in instrument called Sampler. I?put the word replaced in inverted commas because Sampler retains much of what was good in EXS24, including its thrifty CPU usage. When a?Logic Pro song is opened in 10.5, any instance of EXS24 will be replaced with Sampler, complete with all samples and settings. The first thing you’ll notice is that Sampler’s interface now conforms to the look and feel of Logic Pro’s other instruments and is much bigger, with easier?to?adjust controls (EXS24 was designed for a?pre?Retina, pre?4K world). Sampler still works with many of the nomenclatures you’ll be familiar with from EXS24, namely Instruments (the preset containing samples plus settings), Zones and Groups, which are all much easier to create and use. It’s available as a?stereo, mono, multi?out or 5.1 surround instrument.

Importing Samples

You can drag files from Finder or the Arrange page, or even a?Marquee...

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Published November 2020

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