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SOS Awards trophy.

SOS Awards: Hurry, vote now

So what new microphone deserves to be crowned king? What is your favourite DAW? Who launched the best audio interface in 2020??Last chance to vote in the highly coveted SOS Awards!

ROLI LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Affordable MPE from ROLI

The new LUMI Keys Studio Edition offers polyphonic aftertouch, pitch-bends and more.

Spectrasonics Trilian 1.5

Spectrasonics update Trilian

Version 1.5 is free to existing owners, and represents a major overhaul of the acclaimed bass instrument.

Modal Electronics Cobalt8

8-voice polysynth from Modal

The virtual-analogue Cobalt8 provides a wealth of modulation options, and features a full-size velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard.

Korg OpSix

Korg OpSix announced

The latest instrument from Japanese synth giants Korg aims to make FM synthesis more intuitive.

ROLI Equator 2

ROLI release Equator 2

The powerful synth originally developed for ROLI's Seaboard Grand MPE instruments has been given a major overhaul.

Steinberg Cubase 11

Cubase 11 now available

Cubase Pro now features EuCon controller support, and streamlines the process of exporting projects and stems.

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